Pacitan Roadshow and Difficult People

I have been very busy these days. I will go out of town on Friday and I'll be back on Sunday. We will have a roadshow in Pacitan, one of small cities in this province. So I will go there with my partner, Xinta and two students to accompany us.

I will drop Xinta in Ponorogo and I will continue my journey to Pacitan. It takes 8 hours to go there. We will use car. I am an admission by the way - in case you are wondering - and I share information about the university I work at to the high school student. The purpose is simple, to make them get the information about us and provide information needed for the next step orf their study.

Please pray for us, since very few department supporting us. This is what I told you on my previous post that I face many difficult people everyday. People who always put the blame on your department and help you nothing but criticizing and complaining.

Everyday I always wake up with this heavy burden in my shoulder. But now, since this is a new year, I want to be a new person. I want to give the best shot each day and leave the rest to God. I believe that He knows how hard we try to help. I believe that God will provide the way. We just have to work and pray and be thankful each day.

Have a great day!



  1. Your site is so pretty! Yes, prayer makes our day go so much better and praying for all those people who are against you works wonders as well. God Bless You in all you do!

  2. Praying for you my friend.

  3. May you receive all the positive vibes in all your undertakings! Don't worry, just do your best and everything will turn out well! God is good!

    Smile! Stay pretty and sweet always! Take care!


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