Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Diary

Yesterday my manager gave me a new diary. He knows that I love to write so he gave me this:

It's a diary of reflections and act. I can find "Four Reasons Why This Book is Recommended" on the back cover. (Sorry, it's written in Indonesian language)

When you open the book, it has:
- 52 weeks planner and reflections
- 30 empty to achieve list which you want before your birthday this year
- 40 empty to achieve list which you want for this year.
- Several pages (about 25-40) for note.

I love it! So I shortly wrote down my previous "This Year To Achieve List". I want to accomplish all this list by the end of this year. Here they are (please, do not get bored):

1. I want to read the whole Bible

2. I want to sell 50 books on my online store

3. I want to sell 20 my hand made felt craft on my online store

4. I want to sell 20 ladies accessories on my online store

5. I want to make 200 people like my online store. (You can help me by clicking like on this page: My Sanna Shop Facebook ) Thank you before :) I love you!

6. I want to read 50 books (Its clearly stated on my Goodreads reading progress in this blog's left bar)

7. I want to cook 50 new recipes (please be amazed for me)

8. I want to bake 50 new cakes (I know I will. I read many recipes these days and I am so excited to make it!)

9. Publish one book written by me. (I don't know whether this is possible but I will certainly fight for it. Wish me luck)

10.Plant and nurture a healthy flower on my house. ( I want to have one flower nurtured by me. I never do this before but I really want to do this. I start to love gardening)

11. I want to make 20 articles on Helium to increase my writing skill.

12. I want to make 2 patchwork by my own

13. I want to get married with Mr. Bie

14. I want to finish watching season 6th of "Ghost Whisperer"

15. I want to finish watching season 6th of "Royal Pain"

16. I want to publish 1 book of simple recipes

17. I want to make 4 cross stitch

18. ........

19. ......

I still have 23 empty to achieve lists. I will add it after I get new idea. Will you help me with the rest? I need an idea.

Thank you all.

Much more...

Love you!



Jenny said...

18. I want to visit Jenny in Germany


Jessica Heights said...

That was such a thoughtful gift!

Elvirah said...

That quite a list and i hope you would be successful in achieving all of them by this year end. Good Luck!

Denise said...

Great list.

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