Fruits and Crackers from Aunty

My aunty from Bali visited me and gave me these fruits and crackers. The first is Dragon Fruit and I am very afraid to eat it since I lost my voice the last time I ate it several months ago. No more. The second one is Jambu. It's full of water and also sweet. I love it.

I love the crackers. lol. The packaging are colorful and I love colorful stuffs so.....




  1. Dragon fruit I have tried during last year for the first time as well. Well, I did not loose my voice through it but I had allergic reaction so I cannot eat it again :-(... Jambu I do not know how is it looking from inside?

  2. I finally got the inter-net so I will be posting, visiting and commenting regularly. I want to do a list of things to do this year. One is eat fruit! I would love to try dragon fruit. But would I loose my voice? My Cowboy might like that LOL. Have a great week and Read On!

  3. Looks like a yummy basket.


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