Ferrero Rocher

A couple days ago I went to My. Bie's house to watch movie. I met his mom and greeted her. She greeted me back and went to the kitchen. Soon after that she came to me and gave me this chocolate. Ferrero Rocher.

I unwrapped it and took a picture of it before got it into my mouth. lol.

It has a crisp chocolate and nut outside and a soft chocolate pasta inside.

I love it. Thank you Mr. Bie's mom. Thank you Lord.

Then we went to his sister's room and watched "Green Lantern" together.

I know we were so late but we enjoyed it so much.

That's my short update. lol.

Have a great day all!



  1. Didn't you know Rocher before? BTW it also has a nut inside. lol.

  2. Late..haha we watched Zoro last night. I didn't read though. Caught up a little today.! Hope your week is going good. Praying for you. READ ON!

  3. This is a very commun chocolate over here. It's true they taste very good.
    I am living in the chocolate country "Belgian chocolate" lol !

  4. Wow, Ferrero Rocher chocolates! It makes my mouth watery.

    Good to know you had a nice time watching Green Lantern!

    Have a great weekend Ika!

  5. Ferrero Rocher is my favourtie chocolate. I love it because of its crispiness.


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