Killing Time by Browsing

This is about killing time, actually. I was reading the novel by Cindy Blake, “The Last Available Man”, and finished reading it on my comfortable sofa. I was fallen asleep many times by then and feel bored shortly. Then I borrow my brother’s PC and began browsing.

I read about reviews, books, technology, money and I came to this site. Its name is iitech. I was traveling these three months and feeling so out dated about technologies –I know it from my friend when He knew that I was unable to operate his cell phone, and that’s awful for me- so I decided to read this one by one.

Fortunately, it’s written in an easy English grammar so I can understand it easily. In fact, its not only about technologies but also about travel,technology,recipe,ethics,creative writing,computer,freeewares, and puzzle. You know I love puzzle! So, here I am, greeting you again after a long hiatus with this tech site. Enjoy!



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