Inside The Mall

I have shared the pictures about Christmas decorations on the parking lot outside the mall. Now I am going to show you the ornaments and decor they did inside the mall. Here we go!

After having lunch with my colleagues, I sneaked out to take several pictures. Here is what I got from the top floor. A piece of snow. Really?

No! It's a lot of them. Here are the others. They spread along the ceiling from the first floor to the top, along with the lamps.

Unpredictably, I shot on the book fair at the ground. Look at that. (I have to go there, you know I love books so much). It's a Christmas and New year sale!! Hmm...

And still a lot of them. hanging on the ceiling and the railings. Actually I didn't realize that they hang it on the railings before I see this picture. Doh!

Whoops... What's that? Music and dancer. I should take the picture. I rushed in to the ground floor to take the picture of the band.

But I didn't make it. So here is what I got. Group dancer performs their dance for the dancing competition.

Okay, keep dancing while I run to my colleagues and pretend that I was there with them. I think they know that I sneaked out to take those pictures. They don't mind it.

Keep dancing! Have a nice life!



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