Friday, November 26, 2010

Sekoteng for a Warmer Body

Well..... I am freezing here. It is not because of the weather but it is because of the air conditioner. My laptop now has been almost 5 years old (if I am not mistaken) and it could turn off easily when it is hot. So, I should borrow my friend's room which has air conditioner in it, and online there. I should take the risk of being cold and frozen.

One of my tricks to reduce the temperature is drinking a sekoteng. It is a hot spicy sweet drink which could warm your body. It contains ginger, nuts, pieces of breads, milk, pink pearls and green bean. Sekoteng is a drink which come from middle Java. Prepare it hot for the best shot. Hmm..... I love it. Here is the picture...

I am sleepy now, I need to get some sleeps. Thank you all.. Good night..



Jenny said...

good to know that you know some hot drink for getting warmer and that you love it.
Sleep well & sweet dreams! Hug you!

Fida Abbott said...

I miss sekoteng.
Hmmm . . . when will I get it??

Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

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