Together in Unity

Technology makes everything possible. Time and location are no longer become problem to communicate. But will it replace the feeling of togetherness? Here we will discuss two things which could maintain the relationship between family member.

First is family meeting. Celebrate thanksgiving and Mother’s day could unite family even they who lived far away from home. Helping each other to prepare a meal is a very priceless moment in these years. Create this habit in the family since there is a kid. They will learn to respect togetherness and then transfer it to their children too one day.

Second is playing a game together. You could play bingo or scrabble or word search. You could also play outdoor activity like football, basketball or softball. Winner or loser is not important when you are together. The winner could get the present and the loser could sing to entertain others. You could also add your idea based on how is the culture of your family.



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