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The last time I enjoy my time was when I went to the spa with my best friend. It was awesome. We had a massage with many aroma therapy, my best friend and I chose Volcanic one. Actually there were many choices like yogurt, strawberry, green tea, and coconut, but we chose Volcanic. So we steamed our selves and took another massage. We ended the ritual by taking a flower bath in a bath up and they rub our back. It was fun. I hope that there are discount spa covers to please a spa mania like me. Thinking about spa, I check one site and it is about American spa mart. I am really confused searching for spa material here and they sell it online? What a coincidence! So there are many pool and spa covers offered there. Besides, they also provide spa chemicals, purification systems and spa filters which is not available here in my country, or at least, I do not know where to buy it. The best thing is they also sell patio and hot tub accessories. Kind of heaven, hah? So, I am enjoying my time now.



  1. Ahhhhhhh, it sounds so good like the Turkish Spa Bath (they call is Hamam) we did when we were in Turkey for holidays.


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