Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleepy and On Fire

Okay, I am human and it is normal for me to be sleepy. I am very tired lately. I still do not know why but I am searching. I drink Vitamin C everyday. My mom forces me to eat avocado to help strengthen my feet. I bought four avocados and I forgot to eat it. Until the last day it was going to be rotten, I eat it with chocolate. It was a little gross, but it was still delicious. lol.lol. Don't laugh!!

I miss writing so much. When I think about my passion, I think about writing and reading. I want to live someday only writing, reading, nurturing my children, taking care of my family and my parents. What a dream. I wish it would come true. So now, I am trying to build my momentum again. Since Jenny also want to do it again.

Keep on fire!!




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haiiiiii..... apa kabarnyaaa?? :)

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