Good Communicator

Maintaining a relationship is not easy. Sometimes when we think that we do the right things, others may think differently. I kind of having this experience too. When I try to do the good things, other thinks that I have hidden intention. That is hurt. So, when we want to make a relationship, we have to be wise to express our feeling. How could I learn to know others? Here is the tips.

I read relationships books. De Vito is one of the books I read. I read this when I do my research for my bachelor degree, but soon I love this book because I learn a lot from it. Second things you could do is practice it. The theory would not be completed before you apply it on your real life. You may make mistakes but it helps you to learn more.

As long as you have a good purpose, you do not to be afraid to show your feelings and to create a new relationship, because we are human who cannot live alone. We need interaction with others. If we are faithful to do the tips, slowly but sure, we could be a good communicator. Who wants to join me?



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