Friends of Water

I work in a department store. All of you must know that I walk back through almost 7 hours a day wearing my high heels and that is hurt. My friend suggest me to keep drinking because it will keep my health. But sometimes when I do not drink the water from the gallon, I am afraid of the bacteria and else. The company finally use a water filter. The machine is large and it filter the water into a pure water so that we could drink from it. Then I think what should I do if I have to drink it at home.

Suddenly when I browse through the internet, I found water filter pitcher. It is also filter the water but it is actually a pitcher. Cool isn’t it? It removes 99,999% bacteria which contaminated the water. Well, I do not be afraid anymore if I want to keep myself away from disease because there is a solution. I think this brand is more popular than any other else. And do you know about fluoride? It reduce it too. Hmm... I think I should suggest this to my family too. What do you think?



  1. This sounds good! But I am also happy that I do not need it. You can drink the tap water here without any problems.


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