No Mail Notification?

Okay. I am really confuse why the notification of new comments do not appear on my email. It used to show new comments but I never get it anymore now. When I log in to my blog, I was surprise by the comments. First of all, I thank you all for the comments, I really really appreciate it. Secondly, if there is any missing approval or late approval, please forgive me. It is because I do not know if there is any new comment.

Anyway, I am so blessed today that I learn to know God more. I want to put "reading the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation"on my first "2010 to do list". great! And also, I have another project. Gil Ahrens, one of the writer asked me to review his book. So, I think, I will read it first for him. Hmmm... As I have committed to make a to do list, now I create a To Do List label. This will help you to find my progress on my to do list. We could check it all together and have fun together. How about that? So how is yours?



  1. Have you checked at the notification "button"? Perhaps it is on "no".
    Where will you put your to do list?
    As a sidebar? Shall I add mine at my blog? Or at yours?


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