Learning About Web Directory

As all of you know, I am learning about web directory right now. It is not easy as that. I have been reading so many articles about it and yet, I am still confuse. Frankly speaking, what makes me interested to learn on one site is the layout or the picture. When I see something interesting on the site, I start to learn more.

I sometimes spend a couple of minutes just to read and take a look at Yahoo! directory and Dmoz. They sure have a lot of links there and I can browse for many things. As a reader, I love to read many things. i choose one site and read it for a while. When I find it not too interesting, I hop to another site.

It is good to have web directory since you sometimes do not have anything to do and just want to sit and read something. This is what you need. The web directory and a mouse.



  1. You know what I read? I read dictionary instead of directory. LOL, stupid jenny. SO when I clicked on the link I was surprise what I was seeing. Anyway, it is interesting I did not really know about web directory. But I think dictionary would be worth an entry, too, as I think many "large" dictionary, better said enzyclopedia are online now, too. I'll check it out.
    PS: Thanks for comments!


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