It's Sunday again!!!! I know..I know... I haven't fulfill my promise. It is about time management. I have compassion deep in my heart that I will write everyday, but I have no time. So little time so much to do. lol. That's the title of a song I guess. I did not lie when I said I miss blogging. I really do!!!!

The problem is, I work everyday from 8 to 5 and after I go home, I am tired. My eyes are tired. my neck is also tired. I deal with computer things from the morning till the dawn. this might be the cause. but I will not give up. I will try to sharpen my will and strengthen my gut. I will try to write again and again and I will not give up. Let's keep on fire on writing!



  1. Well, although you have not written each day till today, you have written 4 entries on one day! I think this counts, too. ;-)


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