Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yuuhuu... I Use His laptop.

Yup! these two days, I use my fiance's laptop. Well, I need to go to his office and stay there, but for this one, I'll sacrifice. So I play on my facebook and I read my emails ( I am so sorry for many emails I haven't read - I really want to read it but I still do not have computer nor laptop). I plan to go home next month and take the laptop. Lol. So I can be online everyday. Yay!!

Jenny and several friends have told me to have computer as soon as possible ( Haven't you, Jenny? so I can go online. I tell you what, that's my obsession too. lol. So, let's pray that every plan will go well and I can get my laptop. Booya!!


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Jenny said...

YES! I told you to have your laptop soon! LOL I am missing your blogging so much and all your lovely comments. You also have made me to blog much more and often and I am sad that you can not read it on time. I know you would be proud of me LOL and we would have new topics to talk about. Cannot wait for December and know you at home LOL

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