New Way To Advertise

I am curious about one article that describe about advertisement on brain. Well, we all know that advertisement now has become the most popular things in this world. Let’s see from every new style of billboard and also new form of publication tools. New shapes from many new products and concept increase the willing to improve one’s ability.

Anyway, the duration of the advertisement on television are also increased. While the advertisement used to be last about 5 minutes, they started from 10 minutes now. They have another message which they tried to deliver through the advertisement. Okay then, let’s forget about television advertisement. Let’s talk about online advertisement, specifically, internet.

Wikipedia said online advertising inventory comes in many different forms. There are websites, banner ads, rss, blogs (like what I do - advertise on blogs), instant messaging, text links and emails. I am sure that there are another ways to advertise. There are other ways which we still try to figure out. While people used to listen to the radio or television to catch up with the latest news, people tend to stay online and get the updated news as fast as they can. The prices to be online are cheaper and cheaper day by day. It supports people to use it as a tool to promote many things.

Now, how about you? Have you use online advertising?



  1. I do not use advertisement at my own blog. I am also very careful to click on any advertisement on webpages, you never know whether there is a trojan or virus behind it.


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