Multimedia and My Best Friend

My best friend works in multimedia. She is the best student of 2008. She is working as a designer now. Few of you might know her but some of you don’t. Anyway, working as a designer sometimes forces her to make a new website for her client. For example, few months ago, a client asked her to make publication for their new international club. They asked her to make the website too. She must search for the domain name and many other else. I helped her to find it. I suddenly remember about this since I read article about finding domain name for your client. I remember how tough we struggled to get the best suitable name for this company. But we did it! So now, it becomes a great memory which I really want to do it for more. I miss her so much. I want to hang out with her like we used to. I am just wondering when the moment will come.



  1. :) hahah, nice friend, so hard to get this type friend, btw nice to know this site :)

  2. Hi Icha,
    I have some awards for you.

    Congratulations and have great Sunday!

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