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18.20, public transportation

I have been using oplet and damri for 5 months now, since I moved to this island. Frankly, I never imagine myself using this kind of transportation because I have my own motorcycle in my hometown. But everything's changing.

I - actually - really enjoy all the trip. I meet many kind of people everyday. I learn how to stand in balance when I have to stand at the damri. You know, sometimes there is no more seat when it's a high season. I learn how to say 'stop here' or 'left please'. Is it so difficult that I have to learn it? Yes! I can feel my sweat in all over my body when I have to stop the car. Now, I rule.

Learning takes time but the result is also worth it. I can't imagine what will happen to me if Oscar didn't ask me to be independent. I would not go anywhere but my boarding house.
Now I can go to the market by myself. As long as I know which car should I take, I will not lost in town.

So how about you? Do you use public transportation?



  1. Yes, I do use public transport. And I am using it day by day for 9 years, if it is not my free day or holiday time. But I also used it as child with Mum and later when I was going on a higher school. But using the train and bus here is different than for you. The train stops by itself at every station that is planned on its journey. And for the bus, it has got stop buttons inside. So you push it just before your stop comes and then it will hold there and let you out.

  2. I did when I was in Indonesia. You will be the different person if you ever feel how hard using the transportation. It will test your patient and you will be more available in any kind of weather whenever you want to go.


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