Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Job

Hi all!!

I have just finished performing myself as a teacher. many mistakes, yes. But I learn how to be a good teacher. So, starting from tomorrow, I will be working as a teacher and administrator. I should work from 7 to 6. Weird? Crazy?? That's what I think too. But the salary of a new unexperienced teacher is really low. I will get only $25 per month, that is why I should be an administrator too to get more $50. The standard salary here is really low. I am so sad that I regret the day when I decided to move. But after thinking and thinking again, I should take this job because I need a job. I hope that this will be my stepping stone to the better future. I am looking for another job too, because I need to shop. lol.

Anyway, I am thankful that I finally can work. Even though I am new in this field, I want to learn to do the best I can do. I probably will have difficulty to online since I work until night and this public internet is far away from my boarding house. I can't go out at night because Mr. Sexy says that it is dangerous. I want to keep in touch with you and I want to inform the progress. So, please pray for me. lol

Mr. Sexy's mom is getting better I think. Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate it. The latest news I knew is they canceled the surgery because the Diagnostic Sonography shows no water in her lung. So, keep on praying.



Tony said...

wow :) great...congrats yach :)

Fida Abbott said...

I'm very glad to know that you got a job. Don't think about salary when you're a newbie. Think about experiences you have to take that chance. Because there are no twice the chance will come. Forget the big and low for the salary especially for every person who doesn;t have the experience. You have to be a learner first and learn and learn more and more. That will build your value up.


Jenny said...

Well, Ika, first congrats to the job! Take it as the possibility to make experiences and to have a is better to have a low paid job now than no one. It will be easier for you to find another one when you can say that you have worked than if you need to say I have not work for several months. I am sure you will find another job soon which fits you more.

Sarimin said...


Denise said...

Congrats sweetie. I am praying for Mr. Sexys mom.

solitudetimes said...

Do the best you can do, Cha! Many people out there want your position! :-)

God bless you! ;-)

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