Draw Us Near

This morning, my 3 boarding house friends and I went to the plaza. Mr. Sexy joined us too. We had lunch together and we played together. Suddenly, Mr. Sexy had a pain on his left foot. So, after having a short discussion, Mr. Sexy sat in one the sofa in that mall and I spent the rest time with my boarding house friends. Feeling pity and worry, I called Mr. Sexy every 5 minutes to make sure that he is okay.

My friends and I played Dance - Dance Revolutions one time and then we went to the department store. I helped one of my friends to choose the best outfit for her. She wanted to buy a new dress. Soon after we finished shopping, Mr. Sexy called me and told me that he could not bear the pain anymore. So, we went home.

I was very disappointed at the first place because we could not having fun with my friends. After arriving home, I cleaned up my room and I took a shower. I washed my hair and I changed my clothes. Then I opened my opera mini on my cellphone.

I read several devotional and I am really blessed by those words. I read and read again. I read more and more and I am refreshed by those devotional. I know that the author did not write it for me, but it seems they did. God frankly says to me, "Hi dear, how are you today", and soon I know that God wants me to talk to Him. Thank you Lord.

Let us pray

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for every condition that draws us near to You. Thank you for every situation which shows us that You are working for us. Thank you for every reminder You give so that we could always rejoice You no matter what happens. Thank you Father for never leaving us and always being with us. Amen!



  1. God bless you my friend.

  2. Mr. Sexy sakit apa ?
    Yeah, aku skrg juga belajar bersyukur sambil tetap hope for the best ^^


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