Aha!! This is about the laptop

After doing chit and chat with my brother and my father, we decided to change the plan. So my brother will send his laptop to me. I will pay for the laptop so he can upgrade the PC. In my human view, this is not a good deal, because my father has bought that laptop for my brother, which mean, that is my father's money. If he wants to send it to me it equals to give it to his other children. So I should not pay for it because my brother didn't. That's mine too. Am I right?

I want to envy Him but I should not. I was a little upset at the time when he wants to upgrade the PC and ask for the money. But then, suddenly I have a pop up in my mind: If God let you to do this, He will give you the way". So now, do any of you know what is in my mind? If I should pay that laptop, God will give me the money. I do not know what His plan is, but I do not have any money right now. He knows it. If He permits it to be happened, that means one thing: I will get money. Because I have to pay for it. I am still curious about what Jesus would do right now.

Any other explanation?



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