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How many of you wants to work from home? I want to work from home. The first idea is to open my bookstore with Jenny. Lol. But it needs a lot of money and experiences. I do not have that much money to make it. My dream actually is to make and to own my own store. I wish I could get it. The fact is, I still do not have a job now.

Then I read this advertise on blogs information. I wonder if I can open an advertisement here in my blog. So what I think is, I will place your banner here and then I will charge you per month. How about it? Isn't it a good idea? Of course It is not easy to do that, but it is one of the way so I can earn money. Lol. Jenny, what do you think?

I also read several articles about submitting articles on the internet. It might be another way to improve my writing skill and also to earn money. Well, I will try to find more information about it. I want to earn money as soon as possible so I can collect it and make my own store.



  1. Good luck sweetie, love you.

  2. Ika, if I would be you, I would try it. I watched at the first two links you add and you can write and you like it. So why don't try it? I think you do not have to loose anything. But you need to have your computer at home as you will have to write every day. About the advertising I am not sure whether they mean you advertise on your private blog (mean this one) or on the new blog which you will start for the work from home. But I am sure you will find out.
    Having a bookstore with you would be cool. But I am sorry Indonesia is a little bit too far from my homecountry to move to.

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....


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