Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just For Jenny

Hi Henny... lol.. I wonder how you could suddenly online and shocked me like that. Lol. My virtual house is actually in one of facebook application. uhm.. do you have facebook account jenny? if you do, I think you could go there to visit my virtual house. It is a game which the first person is animal. You know, like we play in a pet's world. So, here is my house's pictures. lol. anyway, my pets name is Chubby and it's a bear, I think.

So, here is living room:

and bedroom:

and garden:

and study room:

and empty bathroom :(

I still do not have money to buy the furniture needed for the bathroom. So, I save my money to buy it. It is expensive. lol. The name of this game is Pet society. Take a look at that, Jenny.




Denise said...

This was fun.

Jenny said...

Thanks Ika for adding! Yes, I am at facebook, too, and sweetie we are connected there, too. LOL
Well, I thought you are using an architcture program where you can design a "real" home. Mean you use it to look how you could design your home and try out several furniture, colours etc.

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