House without Bathroom

Hiya! How are you doing? Today, Mr. Sexy and I visit a photo studio to do a survey for our pre wedding photos. Until now, we have observe three studios and many more later. Sometimes I get so excited and sometimes I am not in the mood to do it. Lol. But that's okay, as long as we support each other, everything will be fine.

Well, I lately play many fun and interesting games online. I love thoise game because I can manage home and create my dream house by my own, of course virtually. I bet you know what game it is. Lol. Well, I have living room already with all the furniture I need. I also have two gardens, in front of the house and behind the house. I love gardening. The problem is I still haven't create my bathroom. There are many bathrooms I have visited. Those are my friends bathrooms, but I want to have mine. The problem is, I still do not have the money. I think, I have to visit the site more often and collect enough money (virtual money, of course) and then I can buy my bathroom furniture. I hope I can have bathroom as soon as possible.



  1. Can I take a look to your virtual house? Or can only you log in?


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