I am really excited today because I have my lunch out with my fiancee and now I am online in this internet center. What makes me excited more is, I meet Jenny here and we have a talk like an old friend. lol.

I forget the first time I meet her. I has just asked her, "Jenny, do you have a goodreads account?" and she said "Yes, and we are connected there. it is where we got known from". LOL!!! I am so absentminded.

So, do you have goodreads account? find me on my goodreads account and let's see each other's books. Lol.

Update: Jenny and I are reading this right now.



  1. This is a very kind entry Ika LOL
    And I am very glad to talk to you, too! Thanks for being my friend!

  2. So glad you are happy my friend, love you.


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