Hot and expensive

"Ok. So here I am. Lost in the jungle with the king of the jungle"
-Ursula from George of the jungle-

Noo.. I am not in the jungle. I just remember that phrase when I type the first sentence, so I continue it with that sentence. Hi everybody! I am in a smaller world now. It is not much different from my hometown but if you ask me whether I want to live here or not, I will choose my hometown. Lol...

Ok. Here are several things different from my hometown:
1. The price here are much more expensive. I am talking about food, clothes, electric stuffs, everything are expensive. Aaarrggh.. (Actually this is my chance to be

2. It is really hot here. People say that it usually is cool but this week, the weather started to get warmer and warmer and hot! Ps: I get a headache right now. It is because of the weather. Blame it on the weatherman.. Lol.. Just kidding.

3. People move slowly here. I don't know why but they move really slow. Aaarggh... Lol. When they are in a rush, they create a local earthquake om each district. Can you imagine it? I guess not.

4. There are many three star hotels here. You will find it almost on every corner. But there is no five star hotel. Curious? Don't be.

5. The scenery are very beautiful. The mountains, the hills, the ocean and the sea.. Ah.. They really make me comfortable. Don't miss it. YOU SHOULD COME HERE!

6. No bargaining. When you shop, you can't bargain or haggle. Lol...

7. Ah, I almost forget. The delivery services are really expensive. Let's say, I usually pay $1.2 for 3 days delivery and $1.8 for one night service in my hometown. Here i have to pay $1.6 for 3 days delivery and $3 for one night service. I don't know about you but for me, that is very expensive.

8. The people here love to eat. I eat almost 5 times a day. Wait, this is not my fault. They prepare me the meal and when I reject it, they will try another food. So, I think I will just eat it. O gosh... I am getting fatter. AGAIN!

9. There are only two mall here. There are limited stuffs and food inside those mall. The higher mall has six floor.

Ok. Those are several things I have observed for this one week. Lol..

Have fun everyone!


Ika Devita


  1. Hello sweet friend, thanks for sharing your week.

  2. Emang lo lagi dimana, cha?

  3. Where are you,my friend?

  4. Well, it is amaizing how much difference you have already found out in such a short time. But guess what? In a couple of weeks or months it will be normal to you, I think.


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