Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hi all!!! I miss you a lot!!!

I am going to move to another island... lol.. so I am very busy preparing for this thing.

I am really thankful that the ceremony was going okay and both parents are happy. I hope we will always be joyful for the future...

here is one of our pictures at the mountain..



ibhetz said...

congratz ya icha..

ga tau knapa yah..dulu jamannya si Jed suka sebut2 "sang kekasih" di plurk..aku kok dah curiga sang kekasih itu "Icha" wkwkkkwwkwk..

gak tau aku yg telat or emang br di publish.. tapi baru bener2 tau nya hari ini...kakakaakakaa..

so congratz to you both! :D

Henry Hongdoyo said...

Congrats yach.. Koq cuman enganged doank... gak langsung merit ja ;p

Denise said...

Such a nice picture sweetie.

nie said...

hah?? mo pindah kemana cha???

moga happily ever after yaa.:) GBU

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