Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hectic Weekday 1

Huaaa.... I am going to buy many things (I guess) for this weekend.... Gotta go!

hmm... wait.. today Meliana will accompany me to.... secret places. I still have to go to my college to get the copy of my certificate and soon after that, I will be on my way to that secret place.

Still have to buy boxes and bags.... grrr......

wait, I will make my list and then you could help me what else I need to bring. PS: I am moving to another island.

Suggestions are needed!

My list : (If you have more idea, please inform me, okay ;D )

- cellphone
- gift
- underwear and bra (and other stuffs related to your "inner" needs)
- body lotion + perfume + shower cap
- clothes + shirts + shoes + flip flop
- books
- CDs of my computer data
- blue jeans + black jeans + flower jeans
- tooth paste + tooth brush
- bottle for medicine


I don't want to miss a thing.... So, please help me with this..





Denise said...

Calm down dear one, everything will be fine.

Yuliana-Fun said...

wuaaaah banyak juga yak yang dibeli... :)

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