Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unfortunately Devita

This is all because of Kim. I read her blog and it sounds fun and I join her. Lol. So when I go to Google and I type "Unfortunately Devita" This sentence shows up:

ps: My silly cracks are in (___).

- unfortunately, Devita did break me out...I wanted to use it cause it feels wonderful, is an excellent sunblock and is very matte, but within 1-2 days of use I broke out. (OMG! What have I done?)

I only have one, Kim. Lol.

If you want to join this. just do the same and tell me and then, I will read yours. Lol.

have fun!



The Real Me! said...

OH MY! LOL. Well your one was a whop doosle! LOL. Your name isn't very popular that's why. But that's probably a good thing!!
Big hugs.

Denise said...

lol, this was fun.

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