Nightmare and Shocking Day

I have such a very nightmare last night. but I don't want to tell you. lol......

Oh, I miss all of you guys...

how are you doing?

- I have a wonderful shocking day. I was offered a job which was very dangerous for me, so I must reject it.

- Yestrerday afternoon, when I went to the gym, I met my old friend and we spend almost 1 hour to hang out...... at the ladies toilet. i don't know. It just happened. Our feet stuck and we didn't move at al. lol.

- Last night an old man called me and ask me to write for him about medication. We should have discussed about it this morning but since I felt no peace about this, I reject it too. Mr. sexy said that it was not right. So I decided to overcome my fear and called him (the old man) to cancel the job. sigh.

- Then it comes to a nightmare. lol.

conclusion made!

Have a great day everyone. I love you very much!!!



  1. eh... Mr. Sexy nya kok ga pernah muncul fotonya? ;)

  2. Bless you dear one, glad you did not take that job. Praying you do not have any more nightmares. I love you.


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