Thank You Note - I Am Getting Better

I am getting better. The check up result said that it is negative. I am free from typhus and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Thank you Lord. Anyway, I would like to say thank you to all of you who had been praying for me. I really appreciate it very much. I am thankful for every encouraging words and prayer you have given to me.

So, in this precious moment, I would like to say thank you to My father, especially, because he had been accompanying me here and there to get the doctor and the medicine. Thank you dad, I love you so much! My mom, because she has been taking a good care of me. She makes juices and soft food for me. Thank you mom, I love you! Mr. Sexy (of course, because he has been insisting me to find a doctor), my online friends, Pebz, -G- (thank you sister), Jenny ( thank you very much Jen, you are rock!), Sweet Charlotte, Sis Hannah (makasih yah beib), AmyDeanne (Thank you very much), Henry hongdoyo (Thank you very much for those encouraging verses), Mightymom, Andre, -mel-, Jen (oh, thank you for the essential recipe, love ya!), Sahala, Uncle Lee (than you so much, Uncle, missing your story), Sondi (makasih yaaaaa!!), Kiraitomy, Nie ( thank you, it works! muach!), Tita beng (Thank you Tita!) and all of you which I can't mention here. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much!

I am now recovering my health while I am starting my proccess building my momentum.

See you around, hearts!



  1. It is so great to hear that the tests were negative and that you are feeling better now. Take your time to come back to full health it is really important! Hugs!


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