Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Hi! It's me. I am still recovering my health. Umm.. for you who have no idea about this, you probably have to read my post when I am sick. I just want to share that my shrink monitor is not shrinking anymore. Someone came over this afternoon and made everything right. So my monitor is healthy now.

But I am still sick. please pray for me.

Ah I forget to thank you for your encouraging words. It helps. Thank you so much.

Love you all.

PS: I might not be able to visit your blog too for several weeks.

gotta go. bye.



Jenny said...

Oh, I am feeling so sad that you are sick can I help you with anything?

Jenny said...

How are you? Do you feel a little bit better? What says the doctor?

Fida Abbott said...

Thank you Icha.

Info: setelah register, ada email otomatis dikirim ke Icha yg berisi link utk diklik utk mengaktifkan account Icha. Setelah itu Icha login kembali ke page tsbt dan sudah dpt melakukan voting dan menulis komentar.

BTW, thank you for your great support, maybe one day when you have spare time, you might try it again.

I'm glad you are fine now.

Best Regards.

Heinz said...

cepet sembuh!!!!!

it's really okay not visiting any blog, cha. yang penting dipulihin dulu kamu nya ya....

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