Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seven Month Pregnant Mommy

Oh I have been very sick these two weeks. I am sorry guys. You might have been waiting for my updates ( or not? Lol )So. Since I feel better now. I am trying to tell you that my best friend, Mayang ( you already know it right? Well, if you read my previous posts you will know it ) is a seven month pregnant mommy! Yeay!! I really can’t wait.

She is so georgeous. I do not have the picture and she does not take her picture I guess. She will have that little baby girl and she will be the most gorgeous mother in the world. Yes! She will. I hope she will read my post here and read more books and information about babies and toddlers buying guide. This will make her more understand about how to choose the best stuffs for her baby girl. I know that she will give the best.



Jenny said...

You are such a cute friend to make an entry here with links for her. I really admire this! I am glad I have met you.

joanne said...

ehmm... anak Petra 2?
putih banget ya?

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