Princess Diary Soundtrack (part1)

Hi! I want to share what I have listened and typed. Lol. Yup. I watched and I typed at the same time just because I want to share this with you. This is the soundtrack of princess Diary movie, the first movie. I like the song and especially I love the lyrics. Now since I have worked hard to typed it and listened to it, I want you to enjoy this. And I will post the second soundtrack I love too. So, please be patient.

This one, i do not know the title and I also only get a scope of it. This is because they played it only for a while as an ending song. But that’s okay. It is still good. Here we go!

I know that you’re searching for answers
Afraid that you’ll be left behind
But you can’t rush the time
You got to wait in line

In the time the answers you’ll find
You’ll get your wings at the right time
Each of us must learn how to fly
Gotta move on from what’s breaking your heart
Don’t let your life pass you by

How is that? Do you love the lyrics? Be back soon for the second lyrics.



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