No Clue

Valentine day is almost come and I do not know what to do. Actually I had plan to give something to someone but since I have a problem with my wallet (yes, you know what I am talking about), I guess I have to do something different.

Anyway, my project with my best friend, Mayang, is still pending. We both still do not have time. I have time but I am still in a recovery moment, remember? So I can't go out free like before. I need more rest and I can't stand it. I have blog walking around the block and saying "Hi" to all of my sisters and my brothers around the world (Hey! It's good to have a bloggy friend!).

I also had eaten my medicine which really torture me. aarrggh... but that's okay. i need to get well soon, so I will do any thing to make me feel better. So guys, keep praying for me, okay?



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