The Hacker and Internet Connection

hiyaaaa...... good morning al!! how are you. I woke up this morning with a bad news that I can't use my internet because of there is someone hacking the connection.. aarrgghhh...

So why I got mad? It is because I have been offline since yesterday. So this hacker had been disturbing since yesterday morning. That is why I can't freely use my internet. What a blue day!

This morning is the same. Then my brother tried to contact the internet provider and he told us that he was working on it. And then VOILA!! i can use this again. Thank God. I hope I will still be able to use this until forever. wakakkakak...... wishful thinking..

Okay then. have a great day all!!!!

have you eaten had your breakfast? lunch? dinner? If you haven't, then go for it! lol.

See you around... muah....

hugs and kisses,


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