Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gift From my Sister in PA

I wonder whether all of you already know about this gift I get from sis Fida. She gave me this concerning to the event she made for the bloggers (trust me, she is really creative!). There are three stuffs. The first is a beautiful calendar with inspirational words and also verses. I love it so much!! The calendar is so girlie and I love girlie things. That is why I love this calendar. I can’t even dare to put an ink on it. Oh! But I want to use it though.

The second is a mouse pad. Oh! How do you know that i need it sister? I need mouse pad because I am now using only a paper. Can you believe it? Lol. So, I guess my mouse already get its mate now.

The third is a letter. Now if you don’t mind, I want to share the message. Oh it is really cute! I like the name sticker. There are also three snowman sing “let it snow let it snow let it snow” I imagined that Frank Sinatra sang it. Lol. So cute! Okay here we go:

Dear Icha,.... thank you for your great support to bring my event successful. As my appreciation for your great support, I enclose my gift, an inspirational calendar. I hope this can accompany you in the following upcoming year. An additional gift, a red mouse pad as my thankful for your wonderful work to make a wonderful logo for my event. I hope you like them. Wishing you the best for upcoming holiday season.
Merry Christmas 2008 & Happy New Year 2009
Your sister in PA

Are you kidding sister? Of Course I do not like them. I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH!!!! Thank you sister!! You are the best! I know it! I love you and your family especially Ariel. She is cute and smart, just like you. Thank you very much!


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Fida Abbott said...

Helo Icha,

I've just read this posting. Thank you for your great appreciation. Altough you ara late in posting it, I should be wise to include you in the next drawing.

Good Luck!!!

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