Thirsty and Thirsty again

It is already late at night but I still can not sleep. I am sleepy actually but this problem seems disturbing my mind. And you know what? I am really thirsty lately. I need more and more water everyday. Even though I has just drunk, it feels like I have not drunk for a couple of month. Wait... gulping....gulping....gulping...

Okay, I has just drunk. It is sweet. Hey, is it just the water here or is it really sweet? How is your water taste? is it sweet? If it is so, that means that water is sweet. But if it is not, that means something wrong with my water ... or with the cup.



  1. Water should not taste sweet as long as it does not have an extra taste because you bought for example mineralwater with the taste of apple than it should be sweet. But normal mineralwater or from the sink should not be sweet.
    If you always feel thirsty you should see a doctor, because feeling thirsty all time could mean that you have got diabetes. Please do not get afraid now. I just want you to be careful!


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