Nouveau Riche, again?

I believe that all of you have ever heard about Nouveau Riche university, especially when you often read my blog. I often write about this after I get information about this. There is Jim Piccolo, the founder which is really an entrepreneur and there are also other person which I forget their name. I once ever told you that there is another blog which inform that this Nouveau Riche university is a spam. I do not know about the motive but surely after they wrote about it, I become curious. How someone could create a fake university with an alumni and student and also the expert from this University. It sounds ridiculous and unbelievable – well, that’s what I think, because the information is really complicated each posting so it really disturb my curiosity – to create such a fake information for the public.

So, let me inform you that Nouveau Riche university has a facebook account. Yes, they have it. At first I do not really believe it, but after I checked it out, they really do. Even the founders are also have their each facebook account. It is interesting since I am looking for ther information. What do you think about this?



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