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I am tired. I have been busy with my thesis and graduation things these days. My friends and I will have a celebration in February this year, and we are all so excited nowadays. Do you know what it is? It is our Graduation day! I need entertainment to help me overcome my feelings. I am exhausted and I really need it now.

Okay, so, I am trying to refresh my mind by watching television with my family right now. My parents and me love to spend time together by watching any entertainment program that is available in several channel. We seldom watch the commercial break so we sometimes switch the channel into another program.

We have an original small television, even though I want to have LCD television, but I think I still can not buy it now. I am satisfied with my TV so, I will buy the big one later. Thank you very much. Or, is there any of you who want to buy me one?



  1. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!! That is very exciting.

    Our son, Ben is working on his Ph.D at Carnegie Mellon University,in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This week he is taking some very important evaluation exams to see if he goes forward. I am praying for him all day long:)

    What is your field of study?

    Linda C


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