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My friend blog, shows many cars there. There are also many review of the car there. Unfortunately, this blog only contains few posts. I know that he has just start his blog, but I think he needs to add the information more. For example, he could add the price of the car. And he also needs to add more details of the car such as the colors available, the specific details of the cars, the features and else.

I like cars, but I do not have it. I want to buy a car, but it might be someday, when I have my own money. Right now, I am surely saving my money to buy a notebook or something which could be use for online in other city. I mean, I might can use an internet center, but who can guarantee that my information is save there. So, this is why I need to buy a new note book. About a car? Well, I might have to ask Mr. Sexy to buy it for me. lol.



  1. eh Non, hapalin dulu jalan di Surabaya...
    daripada beli mobil trus nyasar..eheheh.
    eh kecuali drivernya yang jauh di sana nememin..sih gpp.hehehehe

  2. kok aku ga dapet yang ini ya ? :p

  3. kalo dah dibeliin, minta juga yak cha 1.. hehehe :)


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