Becoming a detective

I do not know why I like police and detective movies. Then I remember the first time I watch those kinds of movies. It was The Police Story movie which really attracted me to watch it every season and I really never miss each episode of the movie. That was the first time I heard about bullets, police cars, bullet-proof vest, mafia and also investigation.

Wondering how it would feel when we use side protection vest, I am really curious to wear it and become a police woman. Lol. I was a child. When I watch the other movie, I want to join martial arts just to have a good self defense. I once hope that I can protect my family and also myself from the bad guy and I will use my martial arts skill to get rid all of the bad guys.

Speaking about that vest, I think I will feel safer when I use a full protection vest. So, when I become a police, or while me just playing with my friend, I will not die because of the bullet. I like to play detective and I like to investigate and I think, that bullet-proof vest will be one of my best equipment.



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