Almost Two Years Now

Morning everyone! I hope everything is fine. Well, I am a little upset today since my internet connection is bad. I have been very depended on internet since the first time I created my blog. It's this blog. So, It ha been almost two years since the first time I type a word in this blog. Oh, how I miss that time. I was very nervous. I asked one of my friend about what I should do to improve my writing skill. Then she suggested me to make my own blog and update it everyday. Then I try to write everything and keep up the writing habit.

So here I am, a newborn desperately in love in writing girl. lol. Isn't it cool? I has just made that words. lol. I am very proud of myself. Lat night I watched "The Love Guru", played by Jessica Alba and Mike Myers. I learn something that we have to love oursefl first then other will love us. So, I want to say that I am proud of myself and I like to be me. Hmm.... Let's say it together.

I am proud of myself
and I like to be me

Great! Now, grab your bag, go to your vehicle. Drive it to your office. Do the best for your job. Show the world the new you!

Have a great day everyone!!



  1. kok sering gangguan koneksi sis?

  2. many people write their own blogs.. but only some retain their urge to keep on writing and putting their thought into the blog.. but once you're there.. it's as if something is missing if you stop writing.. cheers and keep writing :)

  3. Selamat ya, gak mudah lho bisa sampe punya blog selama 2 tahun. Butuh ketekunan dan passion yg dalam, and you can do it :)


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