About Those Cute Corsets

I once think that I can use corsets as one of the way out to make myself thin. Of course I will need plus size corsets for my body. Lol. Then my mom said to me, “It will not make you thin, it is not good for your body, don’t use it”. Yup. Without any offers, without any choices, I may not use it. She forbids me. Lol. So, I am very curious about it and I try to find the information myself. When the idea came up on my mind, I was thinking that if I can show her the proof of using that corset will make me slim, she will permit me. That’s for sure!

Then I found this plus size lingerie site. Sorry, if you are below 18, you may not read this. Lol again. This is the corsets Kate Winslett used at Titanic, am I right? The model is various from the complicated types of corsets to the simple one. The ordinary one – the one you can use with your gown – and the sexy one. Dealing with my curiosity, I go to the sexy plus size lingerie category and I has just realize than “plus size” doesn’t always mean “fat”. Now I know that I need the normal corsets for my body.



  1. I am sorry Ika, but I think your Mum is right. Don't use it to make you slim. Love yourself and your body like it is. Using a corset will make you only health problems as all your inside organs will be pushed together and that's not good for you. Hope you do not mind me telling you this.


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