XML Contest

Do you have a blog? Many of the visitors in this blog is a blogger. If you are a blogger, you must have been familiar with this word xml. Somehow, it is a code you have to put on your html link – which I do not really understand about it – and it enable you to create a beautiful layout on your blog right now. Am I right? If the information is wrong, feel free to tell me, because I am not an expert on this. So what is the news and what is important with this? Why I have to tell you about this thing? Are you ready for the great news? Okay, here we go.

IDUG Contest has been held for students, professionals and hobbyists around the world. So, if you think that you are a developer and you are interested in XML and you are able to create it, why don’t you join this contest? Or if you are good in some field and bad in others, don’t you worry because there are several fields you could join and win. They are video contest, gadget contest, query contest, ported app Contest1 and also XML2 Contest. There is nothing to lose, why don’t you try it?




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