Uniform at the event

Yesterday event at Banyuwangi was very on time and right to the top. All the visitors were satisfied and they had a very good time. This is because the great team – I can mention with their great uniform – and the great attitude they have. They are good at time management and they could do their job vastly and right. Some of the team I found is not good at timing. They are usually postponing their job and wait until all visitors are gathering in the middle of the room. This is bad because the event will not start soon.

But last event is quite different that that. They do not care whether you are right on time or not. They ignore whether you are ready or not. As long as they had already inform you the time, you must have your own responsibility to fulfill it. If you are not ready by the time you must perform your show, you will be skipped. That’s rude but that is right for these people. So, the result is, everybody were paying a really good attention to this event. They did not want to miss the show. They want to do the best. This is good. I salute them.

The more important is the uniform. It unable us to know which one is the committee. You know, there were a lot of people there and we really need to find one person who is the team, and we would find it difficult to find them if they use different suite. In the last event, they all use batik. That suite is fabulous and I like to see them wearing that batik. It really helps us and that is great!



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