Snow at This Blog

I want my blog to be like this blog, Thoughts From the Outside. It has a snowy effects there. I actually have tried to do it but I failed. I do not know the owner but once I see the blog, I want my blog to be like that. White snow is always attract me. There is no snow here so I want to see it myself. Blogging actually help me to see many pictures by my friends online. They have several pictures posted at their blog so I can see that snow i front of their house or on the way they go. It is also exciting to read their story about their activity at the snow or when it is autumn. I really want to g there someday. I do not know whether this hope could come true, but I will still hope since hope is one of the way to support me and to make my dreams come true.



  1. Unfortunately I was never interested in falling leaves or snowflakes, why don't you ask this person, I am sure she will be happy to give you the link !
    I don't like snow at all, we should switch our homes, lol !

  2. hahahahahah....yes, I agree with you.... I think we should switch our home..hahha

    Thank you for stopping by here Gattina :D

  3. Add a new html gadget to your blog, without title, and copy-paste the complete content, as given in my next comment


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