Romantic Princess

Hi all!! How are you? I am watching Romantic Princess right now. It is a movie from Taiwan. I like it because Nan Feng Jin is really and the story is nice. It gives many lessons of life. Um.. I suggest you to watch it, at least, you who loves Taiwan movies. this is not a new movies. So, I think you could find it at the store near you. Have a great time!



  1. Hi Devita, here's wishing you a very happy New Year. Keep well and have a great year. Lee.

  2. Hi Icha! Well, no I have not heard of this movie. I also do not know whether I can get a Taiwan movie here, but I will take a look for it.
    I have been to the cinema yesterday evening. I watched "Inkheart". Have you heard of it or the book? I will add a recommendation about it in the next time.

  3. Kalo ga salah pernah liat di toko DVD.. tapi aku agak sirik dgn cowo ganteng, jadi urung beli hahaha..

  4. Hi Devita! Thank you for coming by to visit and wish me a Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good one and Happy New Year! :)


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