Protect The Hamsters

I has just known that my hamsters born their children this morning. Actually I was in church this morning so I did not know exactly how many children they had but something actually has happened. This is terrible and you do not want to hear it- or read it. When I found the babies, one of which was died and it was only its head left there. Can’t you imagine it? It really breaks my heart into pieces. Then the other is alone. I do not know. I only found two babies and one of which has died.

Then I protect the other one carefully. I think I should have buy electronic flea traps to protect them from flea. Right now, I only wrapped their house with paper and covers them beautifully so that there is no one could disturb them. I should have separated the husband and wife but they seem very romantic together so I canceled my plan. Besides, I am afraid that they would bite me if I put my hands to their territory. I hope the left baby will be okay and they could grow up well.

Tomorrow is my thesis presentation time. I hope all of you could pray for me and my thesis. I hope I could graduate this month. I need your support. Thank you all.



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